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8/2/2023 (Permalink)

The Cleaning Experts Cleaning up all the spaces.

This is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.  After COVID we all re-learned just how important it is to keep areas clean and sanitized, so more than others.  This shouldn't be something that we let fall to the wayside now that COVID cases have decreased.

According to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our team members are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff performs daily.

The CDC encourages the cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

Kitchen/Food Areas
Retail Spaces
Water Fountains
Sales Counters
Carpets and Rugs
Stair Handrails
Elevator Cars
Playground Equipment
Fitness Equipment

The CDC recommends the usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Contact the cleaning experts at SERVPRO West El Paso to see just what we can do to keep your home or business as clean and safe as possible!

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, a trusted water removal service, offers 24/7 emergency response

6/15/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Hiring a professional water removal service is essential for successful water removal. A 24/7 emergency response service is essential for addressing water damage in a timely manner and preventing further damage. 

When water damage occurs, it is vital to act quickly to minimize the damage and prevent secondary damage. Immediate action is necessary to get rid of the water and prevent further damage, such as mold and mildew growth, structural damage, and health hazards. 

Need for 24/7 emergency response

For a successful water removal process, it is essential to hire a water removal service like SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield that can offer 24/7 emergency response. A 24/7 emergency response service is essential for addressing water damage in a timely manner and preventing further damage. 

Causes of water damage

Natural disasters

Natural disasters like floods, storms, and hurricanes are the leading causes of water damage. Heavy rains and flash floods can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses by flooding basements, washing away landscaping, and creating hazardous conditions. 

Plumbing issues

Plumbing issues such as pipe bursts, toilet overflows, and sewer backups can cause significant water damage. Leaking pipes can cause water to accumulate in the walls and ceilings, which can cause structural damage and mold growth. 

Roof, wall, or foundation leaks

Leaks in the roof, walls, and foundations can also cause water damage. Rain and snow can enter the building through cracks and gaps in the roof or walls and cause damage to the interior of the building. 

Appliance malfunctions

Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters can malfunction and cause water damage. Leaky hoses, overflows, and broken pipes can cause water to accumulate in the walls and lead to mold growth and structural damage. 

Human error

Human error is also one of the leading causes of water damage. People can accidentally turn off the water supply and cause water to accumulate in the house. They can also leave the taps on and cause flooding. 

Impacts of water damage

Structural damage

Water damage can cause extensive structural damage to the building. It can weaken the foundation, warp the walls and floors, and cause the paint to peel off. 

Mold growth

Water damage can cause mold and mildew growth which is not only unsightly but also hazardous to health. It can cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. 

Health hazards

Water damage can also cause health hazards, such as exposure to toxic chemicals and contaminants. Floodwaters can contain bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, which can be dangerous to humans. 

Fire hazards

Water damage can lead to fire hazards as well. Water can cause electrical systems to short-circuit and cause fires. It can also cause combustible materials to become saturated and increase the risk of fire. 

Financial loss

Water damage can also lead to financial losses. It can cause a lot of damage to personal belongings and furniture and result in costly repairs. 

Benefits of hiring a water removal service

Professional expertise

Hiring a professional water removal service is essential for successful water removal. They have the expertise and experience to handle any water damage situation. They know the right methods and techniques to quickly and effectively remove the water and prevent further damage. 

Special tools and equipment

Professional water removal services have the resources and tools necessary for the job. They have high-powered water extraction machines and drying equipment that can be used to quickly and efficiently remove the water. 

Faster and more efficient results

Professional water removal services can provide faster and more efficient results. Their expertise and equipment enable them to quickly and effectively remove the water and prevent further damage. 

Proper disposal of water

Professional water removal services will also ensure the water is disposed of properly. They have the resources and knowledge to properly dispose of the water and prevent contamination of water sources. 

Prevention of secondary damages

Professional water removal services can also help to prevent secondary damage. They have the knowledge and experience to identify potential risks and take steps to mitigate them. 

Importance of 24/7 emergency response 

Quick response time

When it comes to water damage, it is important to act quickly. A 24/7 emergency response service ensures that the water removal process is started as soon as possible. This helps to minimize the damage and prevent further damage. 

Reduced damages and costs

A 24/7 emergency response service helps to reduce the damages and costs associated with water damage. The quicker the water is removed, the less damage it will cause and the lower the costs will be. 

Mitigating health hazards

A 24/7 emergency response service can also help to mitigate health hazards caused by water damage. Quick action can help to prevent mold growth and other health hazards associated with water damage. 

Peace of mind

Hiring a water removal service with a 24/7 emergency response service also provides peace of mind. Knowing that someone is available to take action at any time of the day or night provides an added layer of security. 

Choosing the right water removal service

Consider experience and qualifications

When choosing a water removal service, it is important to consider their experience and qualifications. It is important to choose a service that has the experience and qualifications necessary to handle the job. 

Look for certification and insurance

When choosing a water removal service, it is also important to look for certification and insurance. Certification and insurance provide added security and peace of mind that the job will be done correctly. 

Check for customer reviews and testimonials

It is also important to check for customer reviews and testimonials when choosing a water removal service. This will help ensure the service is reputable and can provide quality results. 

Inquire about emergency response availability

Finally, when choosing a water removal service, it is important to inquire about emergency response availability. It is essential to select a service available 24/7 in an emergency.  

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield provides water removal services in Socorro, TX

A 24/7 emergency response service is essential for addressing water damage in a timely manner and preventing further damage. When it comes to water removal, it is crucial to act quickly and hire a professional service with a 24/7 emergency response. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a trusted water removal service that can offer 24/7 emergency response. With their expertise, tools, and equipment, they can quickly and efficiently remove the water and prevent further damage.

For more information about water removal services in Socorro, TX, contact SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at or (915) 234-2679.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield: Avoid These Errors While Removing Water from Hardwood Floors

4/19/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Discover the typical errors to avoid when removing water from hardwood floors in this article by SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, the water damage restoration experts serving the residents of East El Paso.

Water damage to hardwood floors is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Whether it's caused by a burst pipe, flooding, or a leaking appliance, water damage can quickly warp and damage hardwood floors, leading to costly repairs. However, avoiding common mistakes during water removal is important to prevent further damage. This article will discuss the common mistakes to avoid when removing water from hardwood floors and how SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, serving East El Paso, TX, can help.

Mistake #1: Delaying the Water Removal Process

The longer the water sits on hardwood floors, the more damage it will cause. Delaying the water removal process can cause hardwood floors to warp, buckle, or even rot, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Solution: Contact SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield when you notice water damage to your hardwood floors. Their team of experts will respond promptly to assess the damage and begin the water removal process to prevent further damage.

Mistake #2: Not Assessing the Extent of the Damage

Water damage can be deceptive, and the extent of the damage may not be immediately apparent. Failure to assess the full extent of the damage can lead to incomplete water removal, which can cause further damage to your hardwood floors.

Solution: SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield will thoroughly assess the damage to your hardwood floors. They use advanced equipment like moisture meters to measure the moisture levels in your floors and determine the extent of the damage.

Mistake #3: Using the Wrong Water Removal Techniques

Removing water from hardwood floors is a delicate process that requires the right techniques and equipment. Using the wrong water removal techniques can cause further damage to your floors.

Solution: SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield uses specialized equipment and techniques to remove water from hardwood floors without causing further damage. They use powerful extraction equipment to remove standing water and high-velocity air movers to dry hardwood floors quickly and efficiently.

Mistake #4: Not Drying the Floors Thoroughly

Water damage can lead to mold growth, which can cause health problems for you and your family. Failure to dry your hardwood floors thoroughly can lead to mold growth and other problems.

Solution: SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield uses advanced drying techniques to dry your hardwood floors thoroughly. They use dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air and prevent mold growth. They also use moisture meters to monitor the moisture levels on your floors and ensure that they are dry.

Mistake #5: Not Sanitizing the Floors

Water damage can leave behind harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Failure to sanitize your hardwood floors can lead to health problems for you and your family.

Solution: SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield uses specialized cleaning and sanitizing techniques to remove bacteria and other contaminants from your hardwood floors. They use industrial-strength disinfectants to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of mold and other harmful microorganisms.

About SERVPRO of SE El Paso/Butterfield

SERVPRO has been a well-known water damage restoration brand since 1967. They are locally owned and have highly trained technicians providing 24/7 emergency service using advanced equipment. They also provide help with managing the insurance process. By avoiding common mistakes during the water removal process and consulting a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, serving East El Paso, TX, you can ensure that your hardwood floors are properly restored and that further damage is prevented. 

Contact them by calling (915) 234-2679 or emailing them at when you notice water damage to your hardwood floors to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield

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El Paso, TX 79925

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield shares effective water damage cleanup tips

1/26/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The best way to handle water cleanup in a flooded property is to hire a certified water damage restoration company.

Water may be extremely beneficial, but it's also quite damaging. Even the smallest quantity of water can cause damage to your property or belongings if not cleaned up properly. But cleaning up water, especially large-scale water damage, isn't just about wiping it with a rag.

Improper cleaning can lead to structural damage since water can soak into the property structures and slowly damage them from the inside. Inefficient cleaning can also lead to mold growth, damaging your property's surface and the air around it.

With this in mind, the team at SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, a top-rated water removal and restoration company in East El Paso, TX, has outlined the following essential things to know about water cleanup.

1. The source of the water matters

Not all types of water are the same. Like you can't drink or bathe with any water, you can't just wipe off or pack out any type of water. There are three categories of water damage based on the source; clean water, greywater, and blackwater.

As the name implies, clean water is water from a clean source, like a plumbing pipe. It contains little or no contamination and is easier to deal with.

Greywater is a bit dirtier than clean water. It could be water from washing machines, dishwashers, or showers. Greywater often contains bacteria that can harm your skin, so you'll need to wear protective gear when cleaning it.

On the other hand, blackwater is dirty water from weather-related floods, the sea, sewage backups, and others. This type of water is highly contaminated and is best for experts to clean up. In the case of a sewage backup, they'll need to pack up the water and dispose of it elsewhere.

2. Delays are dangerous

If there's any time this saying is true, it's when dealing with water damage restoration. Delaying the restoration can lead to more damage. For instance, wooden furniture affected by water damage can still be restored after an hour. However, the wood would grow soft if left for too long, making it irreparable.

Another reason to be quick about water damage clean-up is mold. Mold and mildew can form on a water-damaged surface within 24 hours. So, if you delay too long, you'll have to pay for mold removal.

3. Search for hidden moisture

Water is quite tricky and can get into places you wouldn't think of. Your walls may look all dried out but still have water soaked into them. It is why water damage restoration experts like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield use state-of-the-art tools like moisture detectors to search out areas that still have moisture.

Hence, it is best to work with a water damage restoration company, as you may not have any of these tools.

4. It's best to seek expert help

You don't want to have to handle the laborious task of cleaning and drying out water damage by yourself. Calling a water removal and restoration company as soon as you discover water can help guarantee that the area is cleaned correctly and is suitable for habitation in no time.

A skilled water restoration technician can identify and promptly address problems that frequently lurk below the surface. They know the areas where the water will likely hide and how to get the moisture out of your structures and belongings.

Get professional water damage restoration in East El Paso, TX

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is the team to call if you have a water damage situation in East El Paso, TX. Their team of specialists can address any issue involving busted water pipes, damaged sewage lines, or broken sump pumps.

They have the tools and experience to clean up the water and return your space to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to get started? Call SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679 for more information about their restoration services and how they can help you.

The benefits of hiring a water removal expert versus doing it yourself.

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield outlines the pros of working with a water damage restoration expert instead of doing it on your own.

As a property owner, it might seem cheaper to handle water damage issues yourself than hire a professional. After all, it just requires getting rid of the water, right? But water damage restoration involves much more, and hiring a water removal company can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The team at SERVPRO, a full-service water damage restoration company in the El Paso area, has outlined the following benefits of hiring a restoration specialist instead of going the DIY route when dealing with water damage:

1. Quick reaction and restoration

Water damage incidents can leave you disoriented. You'll need time to get yourself back and ensure everyone is safe before getting on with the restoration. Unfortunately, the effects of the water on your property only get worse every minute you wait. Quick restoration is necessary, and a water removal professional can help you achieve that.

After receiving your initial call, most water damage restoration specialists will respond within 2 to 4 hours to assist in containing the damage and halting its progression.

These professionals also have specialized tools and extensive experience, so the restoration process will be faster than if you do it yourself.

2. Access to Professional-Grade Tools

Water damage restoration professionals use various cutting-edge tools to ensure that all extra water has been removed from a property.

Shop vacuums, air movers, and dehumidifiers are part of the sophisticated drying tools a reputable restoration company would have.

Air movers enhance evaporation, which aids in the drying process, and can reduce indoor humidity to a manageable level. On the other hand, dehumidifiers are used to eliminate water from the air, building materials, and belongings.

You most likely don't have any of these tools to do the job effectively, and buying them would cost you more than hiring a professional.

3. Identifying water leak sources

Sometimes it can be challenging to locate the source of water damage yourself. People often neglect the possibility of multiple causes for water leaks and just address the most obvious ones. However, this can be dangerous, as concealed sources of minor leaks through a wall or ceiling can cause massive damage to your property's structure.

Water removal professionals like SERVPRO of Metairie have modern tools to find water damage before it's too late. Their knowledge can be pretty helpful in swiftly locating the origins of water leaks and fixing them to protect your property.

4. Attention to detail

Water damage restoration requires attention to detail to ensure every drop of water has been dried up. This is often not the case if you go the DIY route. You may not have the patience to do the job as meticulously as a professional would, and even if you do, you may not know whether there's still moisture soaked into the structures.

On the other hand, water removal professionals are trained and certified and would give the job the attention it needs. They are also experienced in finding and eliminating any moisture on the property.

Get Professional water damage restoration services in El Paso, TX.

SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield offers professional water damage restoration to residents and businesses in Texas. Their team is equipped with the knowledge and modern tools required to complete the restoration swiftly and effectively.

They don't just clean and move on. They handle every part of the restoration with great care to ensure no moisture is left behind. The team can also help with mold remediation and insurance claims.

What to consider when choosing a flood restoration company.

10/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield shares the important questions you should ask when choosing a flood restoration company.

When you discover that your property is flooded, your next step should be to contact a flood restoration service company to help get your property back to its preloss state.

However, choosing the right water damage restoration company can be a bit challenging, considering that there are many out there.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a leading water damage restoration company in El Dorado, East El Paso, TX. They have years of experience helping homeowners and businesses get back on their feet after damage from floods and other disasters.

They’ve outlined 6 important factors to consider when choosing a flood restoration company:

1. Consider their location

One of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a flood restoration company is its location. You want a company that can arrive within an hour or less and start removing the standing water from your property to prevent further damage.

Choosing a company that will take hours or a day to arrive will be disastrous, as your property will stay longer in the water, increasing the level of damage.

2. Experience 

Experience is everything when it comes to effective flood damage restoration, which is why you should not go the DIY route.

An experienced flood damage restoration specialist can leverage their experience handling similar issues. They'll know what steps to take in each situation to mitigate the damage.

So, before you choose your next restoration company, ensure you ask about the team that will work on your property. How many flood damage restoration projects has the team worked on before? Which ones were the most recent, if any? The team at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield has a team of highly qualified and experienced flood damage restoration specialists.

3. Are they insured?

What happens if there is an accident on your property? Ensure the business has general liability and workers' compensation coverage. If not, someone can accuse you of causing the incident.

You can go a step further by requesting a copy of their insurance documentation for review.

4. Ask for references

Before you hire your next restoration company, ask for references. One of the ways to verify that a company can live up to its claims is speaking with people they’ve worked with previously. What do their past clients think about the quality of their services? Have they worked on similar issues to yours in the past? These and other questions can be easily answered when you ask them for references.

5. What tools will they use for the restoration?

Does the restoration company have the right tools for the flood restoration project? If they don’t, how can you be sure they’ll do a great job? It’ll most likely be another disaster. 

However, when you work with a reputable water restoration company like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, you can rest assured they’ll use advanced and specialized flood damage restoration equipment like air movers, moisture meters, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to mitigate further damage and restore your property quickly.

6. Inquire about their certifications

Ensure the flood restoration services company you choose is certified. The company should be certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The technicians should also have the Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) certification.

Get professional flood restoration services in El Dorado East El Paso, TX

SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a reputable water damage restoration company helping homeowners and businesses in El Dorado East El Paso, TX, and surrounding areas restore their property to its preloss state.

They have a team of trained, experienced, and licensed technicians that can handle any level of flood and water damage in a home or business.

They have the specialized tools like pumping machines, fans, and dehumidifiers required to clear the water from your property, dry it and get it back to its preloss state.

For emergency flood restoration services, Call SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679.

How heavy storms can lead to a power outage and sump pump flood damage

9/16/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield explains the connection between storm damage and sump pump flooding.

A heavy and wild storm can bring down power lines, blow debris into overhead power lines, flood equipment used to generate electricity, damage insulation, and other things that result in power outages and disruptions.

While several concerns come with a power outage, one that’s often overlooked is the risk of water damage. A working sump pump is the only chance you have to prevent major water damage when your property is being battered by torrential downpours.

But what if the system breaks down due to a power outage or other factors? In such a situation, the increasing water will damage your home's foundation, and crawlspace, and cause mold to develop in hidden nooks and dark corners.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a top flood restoration services company in Montwood, El Paso, TX. They’ve outlined a few important things to know about sump pump water damage caused by a storm.

Sump pump failure

Several factors can cause your sump pump to fail, and these two common causes are related to excessive storms.

1. Power Outage: 

When severe weather storms and power outages combine, the outcome is frequently flooded basements across the country. This is because large rain storms produce surplus water, and a power outage renders your sump pump incapable of draining water.

Fortunately, this issue can be prevented by simply getting a backup generator to power your sump pump. This generator can be manually turned on if you ever lose power during a severe storm to prevent flooding in your basement.

2. Pump Overload: 

If your sump pump is too little or lacks the necessary horsepower, it could easily be damaged by a flood of water. The pump can malfunction if it has to work extra hard to remove all the additional water that is attempting to seep in from the outside.

Following a sump pump failure, water will start to seep through the basement and foundation walls or any cement cracks. If more water can enter, it will gradually rise from the lowest points on the basement floor where it is already pooling.

What happens without a functioning sump pump?

The sump pump is located in or immediately below the basement and is used to collect extra water, such as storm rain. After that, the sump pump removes the water from your home, usually on a slope so it won't flow back in.

If the sump pump fails during a storm, the lowest point in your home will experience an accumulation of surplus water. It could be the basement, crawlspace, or foundation at that time. The water will start to bend wood, create rot, and encourage the formation of mold wherever it chooses to settle.

What should you do if your sump pump fails?

Sump pumps often malfunction during heavy storms. It’s essential to act immediately when this happens. 

Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Extract the water: You should try to get rid of the majority of the standing water as soon as you can. Use a water pump or a wet vacuum, either one should work.
  • Dry your property: Once you’ve gotten rid of the standing water, the next step is to dry and clean everything to restore them to its pre-damaged state.

Get professional sump pump flood restoration services in Montwood, El Paso, TX.

Even with all of your effort, you may not be able to eliminate the standing water or clean your home properly to prevent mold. This is where SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield can help. They have a flood damage restoration services team of trained and licensed technicians that can quickly come to your home to handle any issues of water damage. They’ll remove standing water, clean and dry everywhere, and advise on the best way to prevent a recurrence.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield has the tools to identify and remove any hidden water to prevent mold. They can also inspect and remove any mold found if necessary.

Are you ready to get started? Contact SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679 for a free consultation.

What Can an ERP Save Your Business During a Storm

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

After a major disaster, businesses suffer a variety of interruptions like:

  • financial and emotional stress
  • production downtime
  • sullied reputation
  • a plethora of other strains.

In the time period following a trauma like a fire, flood, pipe break, or another form of disaster like a natural disaster, making the right decisions can be taxing and confusing. At SERVPRO of West El Paso, we regularly see local companies go through this and want business owners to know we are here to help after a commercial disaster. Part of that help comes through an emergency readiness checklist and disaster plan.

Creating a disaster readiness plan for your business can save you thousands on your bottom line, and can save your business, entirely. And the planning process does not have to be overwhelming when placed on top of all other responsibilities. SERVPRO of West El Paso is here to help take the weight off your shoulders by developing an Emergency Ready Profile for your company. Knowing you are, "Ready for whatever happens," will give you, your clients, and your e confidence if or when your business is affected by a disaster.

We Generate A Plan For You

By developing a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate action plan. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize the severity of water and fire damage to your business.

Why An ERP?

  • A no-cost assessment of your facility.
    This means there is no need to allocate funds, giving you a great value at no cost.
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.

    It will only take a little time to complete and will not take you away from current projects, but will save a lot of time if ever needed.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
    This helps minimize the amount of time your business is inactive by having an immediate plan of action.
  • Professionals at SERVPRO of El Paso/Butterfield can be established as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider!
    You have a provider that is recognized as an industry leader and is close by for an emergency response.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
    This saves time so we can start cleaning up the damage, so you can reopen your business as soon as possible.
  • Specific Facility Details of your business such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas, and priority contact information.
    You will have a quick reference of what to do, how to do it, and who to call in case of an emergency so that you are "Ready for whatever happens."

We are here to be your total solutions provider during an emergency commercial disaster so you can do what’s important: taking care of your clients, employees, and other business needs. 

Property damage specialist outlines the benefits of emergency restoration services

8/31/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Did you just experience a disaster? Here's why you need emergency restoration services.

Property owners look for emergency services whenever calamity strikes. Fires, storms, and floods can all result in massive damage, and only a prompt response aided by emergency services can mitigate the damage.

Disaster restoration service providers like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield offer services that encompass safeguarding all of your home and all of its possessions from potential harm.

They'll carry out the necessary cleanup and repair work and take all the actions required to help save those areas of your home that weren't damaged. The SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield team can make precise assessments and decisions regarding what must be done to advance the restoration process.

Here are 7 top reasons why you need professional emergency restoration services:

1. Available 24/7

A reputable restoration company is on call 24 hours a day to send out an emergency response team when necessary.

They'll show up on time, evaluate the damage, and devise a plan to get your property back to how it was.

2. Fast response time

An emergency restoration service will act quickly to address your situation. For example, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield has the personnel and tools required to contain the damaged region and begin the recovery operation.

3. The right equipment

Emergency restoration firms have the equipment required to complete the job from evaluation to completion. For instance, moisture meters identify where water may be hiding after a flood or leak without having to open a wall.

These and other instruments allow for a precise evaluation of the damage. After that, different tools, including containment and dehumidifiers, will then be used to efficiently complete the task.

4. Recover belongings

When determining what has to be done, a reputable restoration firm will take the time to consider the possibility of recovering and salvaging affected belongings and other items. They will then try to salvage and restore everything they can before removing what cannot be saved.

5. Cost-effective solution

The overall cost of repairs can be kept to a minimum when an experienced crew is on the job. They will show up as soon as a call is made to start the cleanup and restoration process, which can also stop further damage to your property. For example, they can salvage an affected carpet, saving you money from having to buy another one.

6. Protect key documents and contents

A disaster restoration services company knows how to restore personal or business documents and other items after a disaster. They will dry out the water to salvage your documents and essential items.

They will maintain track of each item by taking pictures, boxing up, and marking everything for storage.

7. Information on insurance

Restoration businesses are aware of the critical elements of recording and reporting damage for an insurance claim.

They are familiar with what insurance providers are likely to cover and have established connections with them. Additionally, they know precisely what must be documented for claims-related purposes and how to go about it.

Get Professional Emergency Restoration Services in Montwood, El Paso, TX

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is the local leader for disaster restoration services in Montwood, El Paso, TX. They are a trustworthy and highly experienced business dedicated to helping restore any damage to your home or business.

They have a team of trained and licensed professionals available to handle water damage restoration, fire damage, mold restoration, and more.

Their goal is to consistently uphold the highest standards of professionalism and honesty in identifying, assessing, and mitigating the risks associated with these damages.

The SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield team is accessible 24/7/365, so you can count on them to help you whenever you need it.

Call SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679 for a FREE quote.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield shares tips about preventing water damage at home

7/30/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Wrong handling of plumbing fixtures in the home can lead to severe water damage, here’s what to teach your children to mitigate water damage.

Like adults, children often handle plumbing fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs, and showers in their everyday life. While these fixtures can be sources of fun, comfort, and sanitation, they can also create a serious water damage issue if improperly handled.

As an adult or parent, taking the time to teach the younger ones how to use plumbing fixtures safely can help prevent water damage.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is happy to share some common plumbing safety principles that adults can inculcate in children to minimize the occurrence of plumbing failure in the house.

If you experience flooding or leaks in your Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX home, contact the water damage restoration professionals of SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX today, they will come right to your house to assess and fix the problem.

Plumbing Safety Principles To Teach Young Children

Avoid throwing foreign objects in the toilet

Flushing toys and other foreign objects in the toilet is unsanitary and should be discouraged. Introducing foreign objects in the toilet can cause a serious plumbing issue that can create further damage throughout the entire drain system. Parents are supposed to teach their children that only bodily materials and toilet papers for which the fixture was designed should go into the toilet.

Even some adults make the mistake of throwing clog-causing items such as diapers, hair, paper towels, and “flushable” wipes into the toilet. This is a bad practice that could cause a serious problem with your plumbing fixture.

Teach them how to unclog the toilet

Toilets can get clogged anytime. The most important thing is what you do after the incident to unclog it. Parents should teach their children, especially those who are 12 years and older how to use the plunger skill to unclog the toilet the moment they notice the problem. Teach them to plunger before flushing. Flushing before plunging can cause the toilet to overflow.

Adult supervision is strongly advised until the kid is confident handling the task on their own. In a situation where the plunging efforts fail and the toilet begins to back up, the adult should train the child to immediately turn off the water flow to the toilet.

Be mindful of what you put in the garbage disposal

As a rule of thumb, only fruit scraps, small bones, and leftovers can go inside the garbage disposal. Items such as grease, banana peels, rice, and bones should not be disposed of in the fixture. These items can keep the garbage disposal from working effectively, and prevent the smooth passage of food and water. For example, grease, fat, and oil can clog the garbage disposal and drain.

Teach them how to turn off the main water valve

Leaks are a common occurrence in many homes in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX. When this happens, children should know the right thing to do to avert widespread water damage to the house.

A child who is old enough should know the location of the house’s main water valve. Even if the child is too young and does not have the strength to operate the valve, they can direct a family or neighbor to the water main.

That said, parents and older adults should show the children the exact location of the valve and how to turn it off in the event of plumbing failure.

Speak to Water Damage Restoration Specialists in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX

When faced with a water damage disaster, the highly qualified and experienced water damage restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield are the best to handle the job. The team at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield provides relevant training, the latest technology, and innovative techniques to its contractors, enabling them to deliver quality mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and storm damage restoration services to their customers.

For fast and reliable water damage restoration service, call (915) 234-2679.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield offers water removal & cleanup services in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: If you notice any signs of water damage in your space, now is the best time to certified water damage restoration professionals like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield to help

Water damage is a common occurrence in the home. From storms and flooded basements to clogged gutters and leaking pipes, the causes of water damage are numerous. 

If you notice any signs of water damage, it is important to act fast. Ignoring the early signs can lead to a bigger issue, which can cost thousands of dollars in repair or replacement.

When faced with water damage, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a reliable water removal service provider in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX, and surrounding areas. In keeping with their commitment to a safe home for every resident in the area, the company is happy to share insights about the common early signs of water damage to protect you and your property. 

Common Signs Of Water Damage

Dark or wet spots on walls and ceilings

One of the obvious signs that you are experiencing water damage in your home may include discoloration on the interior and exterior walls as well as the ceilings. The watermarks are often quite telling and could serve as a pointer to other problems.

Bubbling, cracking, or flaking

You could be experiencing water damage if you notice that the drywall or paints on your walls or ceilings are begging to crack or flake. These are some of the early signs that should not be ignored to prevent a bigger issue that could arise.

Pooling water or puddles

Continuous leaks or drips can go on to form pools of water around your home. If you notice a puddle coming back after you have cleaned it up, that could mean you have a leak that should be fixed immediately.

Increase in utility bills

If you notice a spike in your water bill without any significant increase in water consumption, it could be a sign of a leak somewhere in the house. Other reasons for a high water bill include leaky or running toilets, leaky faucets, washing machines, irrigation leaks, outdated fixtures, and more.

Damp, musty, or moldy smell

Water damage comes alongside other issues such as mold infestation. So, if you perceive damp or moldy smells on your property, it could be an indicator of water damage. These signs are usually strong and very hard to miss. Unfortunately, water damage could also be a sign that some plumbing fixtures in your home are in terrible condition and require urgent fixing.

Where To Look When Tracing Water Damage

Two places come to mind when tracing out the cause of your home water damage: attic and basement. 

The attic is the area of your home with a higher tendency to have water damage. An aged or poorly maintained roof may render your roofing system vulnerable, leading to leaks during extreme weather such as thunderstorms. Snow or ice can also accumulate during winter and lead to further damage as it melts.

Similarly, basement water damage is common in many homes and is one of the most common emergencies for homeowners. Basements can become flooded or waterlogged due to flood damage, a leaking water heater, or a foundation leak. Also, during storm damage, the path may accumulate around the home, causing gradual water damage in the base.

Regularly Inspecting for Water Damage

Most water damage cases don’t happen overnight. They become bigger issues often because homeowners turn a blind eye to them. Early detection of water damage can help prevent further damage to your property while protecting you and your family from possible health issues that may arise from the problem. This is why experts recommend a regular inspection.

Regular water damage inspection will help the professional detect potential water damage early before it becomes a bigger problem. This often includes checking the attic and the basement for any issue that may lead to a slow leak.

Get Help from Water Removal Professionals

If you notice signs of water damage in your home, don’t hesitate to call the experienced water removal professionals at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield. They are trained, skilled, and equipped with the right tools to thoroughly inspect your property and perform a reliable water removal service

You can reach them via telephone at (951) 234-2679.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield outlines how indoor humidity encourages mold growth

5/31/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Is mold growing in your home? SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield outlines the connection between mold growth and high indoor humidity.

Mold is present in almost every structure and residence. Mold grows so swiftly and easily that it can sprout in just a few days, given the right conditions.

When mold develops in your home or business, it can cause many health issues. Also, mold can compromise the structural integrity of your property and might be costly to remove completely. However, mold development requires certain conditions to grow, including the right temperature.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, a leading mold removal company, have explained how indoor humidity can lead to mold growth and what you can do about it.

Mold Growth and Humidity

Humidity and wetness in your home's air might create an atmosphere conducive to mold growth. When the indoor air is humid, a lot of water vapor is present, leading to mold and mildew infestation.

It's essential to keep an eye on these humidity levels and take action if they rise too high. The EPA recommends that indoor relative humidity be kept under 60%, ideally not higher than 50% or lower than 30%.

What Causes Excessive Humidity in a Building?

If your humidity levels are higher than 60%, you'll want to figure out what's causing it. Unfortunately, some aspects of the temperature and weather are beyond your control. If the outside humidity is really high, the indoor humidity will rise as well.

High humidity can also be caused by poor ventilation. Air cannot move in and out of a home if rooms are not adequately vented or sealed.

Some ordinary daily activities can also increase the amount of moisture in the air. Cooking, operating appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, and taking long, hot showers can all increase the level of water vapor in the home.

Old HVAC units can also cause high humidity. The HVAC system has evaporator coils that pull humidity from the air as it flows. If your system isn't performing at its best, it could lead to excessive indoor humidity.

Other Factors Required For Mold Growth

Mold requires more than high humidity to grow. Here are other factors that are required for mold development.

  • Moisture: Mold is a biological organism that requires moisture to survive. This is usually the most critical factor in determining whether or not mold grows in a home.
  • Oxygen: Mold also requires oxygen to flourish. Unfortunately, there's quite little you can do to keep oxygen from entering your home.
  • Food: Mold cannot grow without a food source. Mold eats a variety of foods, including vegetables and meat and paper, drywall, and wood.
  • Darkness: Most mold is killed by UV light from the sun, that’s why it doesn’t grow outside in the open. That means that if you're looking for mold, you'll have to look in all the dark nooks and crevices.
  • Warmth: Warmth is another thing mold requires to thrive. This simply refers to temps above freezing. Temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for mold growth. Mold can grow inside your home all year because the temperature should constantly be above 60 degrees.

Have a Mold Problem? Get Professional Help

While you can take precautions to avoid excessive indoor humidity, mold will still grow in some cases. When this happens, it's important to get professional help immediately to prevent its spread and avoid structural damage.

Mold removal professionals like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield are experienced in handling various types of mold. They have the latest equipment and processes to clear off mold from your home and business and ensure that mold removal is effective.

They have a team of highly trained and licensed mold removal technicians that will come to your property, inspect it,  and identify mold growth if there is any. They’ll then work with you to eliminate mold wherever it is in your home or business. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is your partner in making the air around you breathable and healthy.

Call them today at (915) 234-2679 for a free consultation and estimate.

SERVPRO explains the impact of water on a home’s insulation

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Water damage is a significant risk in all homes. SERVPRO explains how water can affect your home's insulation and what you should do in such a situation.

Several factors can lead to insulation leakage, from a pipe burst to a build-up of moisture. Most homeowners want to know whether water damage can affect their insulation and its ability to work properly.

So the water restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield explained the effects of water damage on insulation and what you can do if your insulation is affected by water.

Effects of Water Damage on insulation

Insulating Capacity Loss

The main purpose of the insulation is to reduce the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of the house. This ability to resist the conductive flow of heat is measured by the R-value of all insulation. The higher the R-value any insulation has, the more insulating power it generates.

Water damage can cause a significant reduction in R-value, resulting in markedly cooler or higher temperatures within the property, depending on the season. Although fiberglass insulation is technically watertight, the batt surrounding it might become wet and reduce the R-value.

Mold Growth

Mold can be a concern in your home. Fiberglass is meant to trap dust and mold in the air. However, when it is exposed to moisture, mold can start growing on the paper backing of fiberglass insulation.

Additionally, cellulose insulation is treated using fire-retardants which are mold-resistant compounds. Mold spores, on the other hand, can absorb water through the cellulose.

When the cellulose becomes wet, it can absorb moisture and transport it to drywall, ceilings, and timber structures. This can result in mold spreading throughout your attic, causing rot.

Different Wet Insulation Types

Insulations react to water differently. Some are unaffected, while others need to be dried out to avoid mold growth. Here are some common water-damaged insulation types you can be faced with.

1. Wet Cellulose Insulation

If you notice loose and gray fibers around the floor and wall cavities, it means you have cellulose insulation. Celluloses are plant-based products that are made majorly with recycled newspaper, and as such it’s quite difficult to recover once damaged by water.

But you can remove the wet insulation, allow it to dry for a couple of days, and then when properly dried, replace it. However, if you have a more severe leak, the moisture may have soaked a larger part of the insulation, which can cause mold to start growing around that spot within days, requiring complete removal and replacement.

2. Wet Spray Foam Insulation

If your floor and wall cavities are wholly filled with hard white foam, your property has spray foam insulation. Even though spray foam acts as a moisture barrier and forms an airtight seal, the leak is still a concern since water can harm the wood around the insulation. To protect your home's porous materials from moisture damage, find the hole and close it.

3. Wet fiberglass insulation

If you find pink baths or notice that your insulation is loose-fill insulation, then your home was insulated with fiberglass. And since it’s made from glass strands, it doesn’t absorb water. But when the air gaps between the fibers are filled with moisture, the insulation's capacity to inhibit heat transfer is compromised. Wet fiberglass insulation is about as effective as no insulation at all since water is a conductor.

How to Prevent Insulation Water Damage

  • Keep an eye on your roof for leaks, which may wreak havoc on your attic insulation.
  • Check your siding for holes. Holes can let moisture in and damage the insulation on your external walls.
  • Keep moisture out of your basement insulation by sealing your foundation and basement walls.

Get Professional Water Damage Insulation Services

Schedule immediate cleanup as soon as you notice water-damaged insulation. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is the name you can trust when it comes to insulation restoration in the Southeast El Paso and Butterfield area. They offer a wide range of services, from water damage restoration to fire repair, storm damage cleanup, mold removal, and more.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield has a team of professionals available 24/7 and is committed to cleaning your home and handling any form of damage.

They are your first choice whenever you have a wet insulation situation.

Contact SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679 to speak to a professional.

Clients commend SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterifeld’s effective and prompt water removal and mitigation services.

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is renowned for its exceptional water damage restoration and mitigation services. Here’s what their clients have to say about them.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is one of the industry leaders for water removal and mitigation in El Paso. They are the go-to company whether you want water damage restoration or simply need your upholstery cleaned. 

They have a team of trained professionals who can help with emergency water removal and mitigation at any time of the day or night.

Their incredible services, however, haven’t gone unnoticed by clients, as several clients have so many good things to say about them.

Why do El Paso residents choose SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield?

A quick look at their Google business page shows several 5-star ratings from clients over various periods.

One of their clients, Wyatt, wrote, "After my water heater flooded my house early in the morning, the team arrived. The guys were quick to arrive and get to work. I felt confident that the task was being done correctly. The team has been quite straightforward to contact for updates and scheduling. 4 stars for the prompt setup and response, 5 stars for the additional client service provided thus far. "

But Wyatt isn’t alone in commending SERVPRO’s promptness and amazing water removal and mitigation services.

Another client, Joseph said, "They are serious about their work. They were on the scene right away and dealt with the major problem we had. The result was more than satisfactory. Their knowledge was greatly appreciated.

Another client, Jan, wrote quite a lengthy piece about his experience.

He said he contacted SERVPRO and provided them with his insurance claim number. "Due to the high volume of calls, I was given a time estimate of 3-4 hours for a team to come. Sebastian came after a 12-hour wait. He described the procedure and began extracting water right away. Others arrived later in the afternoon.

They all worked hard to complete the water extraction, which included removing baseboards, making drainage/airflow holes, removing insulation, cutting out walls, testing moisture levels, and setting up their equipment."

Jan said his questions were thoroughly handled professionally. "Employees were careful and considerate of our possessions, as well as the walls, windows, doors, cabinets, and other surfaces. The final day was spent monitoring moisture levels, making sure any walls, nails, trim, or other items that needed to be removed were removed, sweeping and vacuuming the base plates and floors, mopping the floors, and removing the remainder of the detritus and their equipment."

"Our experience lasted seven days and was fantastic (excluding the necessary noise). Their staff was very professional, knowledgeable, cautious, meticulous, and pleasant."

Another client, Victor, has this to say. "Coming home to a flooded house due to a pipe burst is the most stressful thing that can happen. After we phoned SERVPRO, Joseph dispatched Lance Tomasich within an hour. Lance took care of the matter as soon as he arrived."

"He took us through the cleaning procedure step-by-step and answered all of our questions. Lance's excellent client service, professionalism, labor, and quality wowed us. This business comes highly recommended by us. "

This is just a quick scan of what clients are saying about SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield and their water damage services. There are a lot more on their website and other business-related pages, all of which show how exceptional their services are.

Get Professional Water Restoration Services in El Paso

If you live in or around El Paso, and you are looking for effective commercial restoration, water removal, and mitigation services then you should consider working with SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield.

 They are the professionals you can turn to for water mitigation in your house or commercial space. They use moisture monitoring technology to effectively measure and document the drying process. Their team is ready to help if you have a flooding or water problem.

Call them right now at (915) 234-2679 to speak to a water removal and mitigation professional.

Why Is Drywall Removed After a Water Loss?

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

Why does drywall need to be removed and not dried after a water loss?

In most cases, drywall can be dried within 3 to 5 days when drying equipment is placed by a restoration company.  However, in some cases, the drywall will require removal due to certain circumstances during water damage.  

  • If drywall is affected by "grey or black water" that carries contaminates- The drywall will have to be removed and replaced. Examples of this type of water can be found here.
  • If drywall has wet insulation in the wall cavities, the drywall and insulation will have to be removed and replaced.  
  • If drywall has double layers, the Drywall's layers will have to be removed and replaced.
  • If drywall was not professionally dried and secondary damages occurred- The drywall will have to be removed and replaced.

Suffering from a water loss is never easy, but we are here to help minimize the impact it has on your family. Give us a call 24/7 to see how we can help mitigate any water damage your home or business may experience!

Keeping Your Home Clean with Pets | SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso

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They’re cute and cuddly but they’re also messy. We could all use a little help keeping our homes clean with four-legged friends. We often get calls to help with biohazard cleanups due to pets. Here are some tips to prevent this:

Keep Pet Supplies in One Place

To keep your home from feeling cluttered and dirty, invest in some storage for all your pet’s gear. Think about having a single location for all the supplies, even those your pet uses every day. For example, their food bowls, litter box and carrier might be corralled in the same room.

Groom Pets Often

When you groom your pets regularly, either by bathing or simply brushing, you’ll limit the hairy trail they leave behind. Brushing and checking for bugs regularly will keep them from tracking it throughout the house and bringing pests indoors.

Create a Dog Washing Station

Part of keeping your home clean is keeping the worst of the dirt out in the first place. If you have an indoor/outdoor pet, create a cleaning station to wipe muddy paws before they hit the carpet. 

Choose Furniture with Pets in Mind

When you keep furry and feathered friends in mind when decorating your home, you’ll help keep them safe. You’ll also protect your home from the wear and tear that comes with pet ownership. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Toilet paper covers: A toilet paper holder that hides the roll If your pet likes to steal the paper.
  • Patterned fabrics: Patterned fabrics will do a better job of hiding everyday messes.
  • Easy-to-clean paint: When painting your walls, choose a satin or semi-gloss finish. These are easier to clean than most flat paints. 
  • Metal over wood: If you have a chewer on your hands consider furniture with metal legs instead of wood. 
  • Indoor/outdoor rugs: They’re also more durable and easier to clean, making it a good fit for nearly any pet. 

Buy a Good Vacuum

Vacuums that do more than just say they’re tough on pet hair will probably cost a bit more, but you’ll be glad you spent the extra money when it does the job right. Whatever you choose, use that vacuum on rugs, curtains, lamps shades and in your car, not just floors and couch cushions.


Are You Concerned Your El Paso Home Has Asbestos?

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

Asbestos was widely used in homes between the 1940s and 1970s and can be found in many places:

Where asbestos may be found:

  • Attic and wall insulation produced containing vermiculite
  • Vinyl floor tiles and the backing on vinyl sheet flooring and adhesives
  • Roofing and siding shingles
  • Textured paint and patching compounds used on walls and ceilings
  • Walls and floors around wood-burning stoves protected with asbestos paper, millboard, or cement sheets
  • Hot water and steam pipes coated with asbestos material or covered with an asbestos blanket or tape
  • Oil and coal furnaces and door gaskets with asbestos insulation
  • Heat-resistant fabrics
  • Automobile clutches and brakes

Asbestos is highly hazardous material and poses great potential health effects for those exposed to the substance. While harmful asbestos materials are no longer used, exposures may still exist in older buildings and structures slated for demolition or renovation.

The Environmental Protection Agency has rules governing asbestos management that cover proper handling and disposal of asbestos-containing material. Adequate training and certification for asbestos workers, including inspectors, are part of these requirements.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield offers asbestos inspection and testing services. We have certified professionals to do asbestos abatement in accordance with protocols.

Need Asbestos Testing? Call SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679.

What Is a Restoration Company?

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

When it comes to water, fire, and other disasters in your home or business, you can rely on the services of a restoration company to help you get back on your feet. 

Restoration companies are businesses that specialize in the removal and cleanup of water or fire damage from residential or commercial properties. These services can include things such as:

  • Emergency response to a home fire, natural disaster, severe storm, flood, or any other property damage event
  • Extraction of water, mud, and other contaminants from your home
  • Treatment for mold growth to prevent re-contamination of the structure
  • Restoration of your home with replacement furniture, appliances, cleaning products, clothing, and more.

Most but not all restoration companies provide 24/7 emergency services. This is especially important if you have water damage, as time is of the essence to prevent further damage. That is what sets SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield apart, we are a 24/7 365 business.

If your home has experienced damage, don't waste a moment. Contact the water damage experts at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield to discover how a restoration company can help you recover from even the most unexpected catastrophes.

Our Advanced Technology and Techniques for Water Damage

9/4/2021 (Permalink)

What sets SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield apart is our advanced technology and techniques that allow us to be pioneers in the restoration industry. The technology and best practices we use allows SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield to get your home or business back to its preloss condition in no time!

When we first get to a job we need to measure the water damage using infrared cameras and moisture detection and measurement devices. The infrared camera allows us to see what the naked eye cannot see. 

Our powerful extraction equipment speeds the drying process by removing the water from your home or business. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield uses both Truck-mounted and portable extraction units to perform efficient water removal.

Our drying equipment includes Industrial-grade dehumidifiers that help prevent secondary water damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture and High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads, and furniture, which accelerates the evaporation of moisture.

Our professionals will use room measurements, temperature, and relative humidity to determine the optimal number of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your home or business. We’ll carefully monitor the progress using moisture meters until the materials return to acceptable drying goals.

If you are experiencing water damage in your Southeast El Paso home or business call us today!

Your Local Cleaning Experts | SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield  is here to help during this uptick in COVID-19 cases. This is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

According to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our team members are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff performs daily.

The CDC encourages the cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

The CDC recommends the usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call us today!

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO Southeast El Paso/Butterfield -  (915) 234-2614

10 Reasons to Choose SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

When you have a residential loss or a commercial loss, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso is your best choice to help. We specialize in large and small losses so no matter what we can be there for you, your family, or your company. Below are 10 reasons why we are the best local choice for your needs.

  1. 24/7/365: SERVPRO knows disaster doesn't wait. We are available days, evenings, holidays, and weekends.
  2. Communication: SERVPRO will keep you and your insurance informed on the status of your project.
  3. Reduce Recovery Time: SERVPRO's main goal is to not cause interruption. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are back in your home or office ASAP. 
  4. Lower Recovery Cost: SERVPRO will help you save money and works directly with your insurance.
  5. Emergency Ready Profile: SERVPRO offers an ERP that can help you plan for disaster before it happens.
  6. Full Line of Service: SERVPRO will help to solve your cleanup needs. We offer a variety of services.
  7. A Leader in Storm Response: SERVPRO will help when you need it the most. Remember the 24/7/365?
  8. Over 50 years of business We've been around for quite some time, so we've seen a few things or two.
  9. More than 1,700 locations SERVPRO has the power for those larger jobs.
  10. Experience and training in mitigation damages ranging from a single-family home to skyscrapers.

Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso

Keeping Your Home Clean with Pets | SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Without pets, our homes would be clean but our hearts would be empty. Many of us got “quarantine dogs” who spend a lot of time at home. This causes a lot of pet hair, dander, and dirt to accumulate in your home. It is possible to keep a clean home and have a pet at the same time, here’s how! 

Stop the Mess at the Door Stopping the mess before it goes through the door is key to keeping a clean home. Keep a bucket of soap and water or baby wipes next to the door to at least wash their paws before letting them head inside. 

Hair Removal Invest in a really great vacuum cleaner. You will end up wasting time and money down the line if you try to get a cheap one that doesn't have strong suction or a great filter. Spend 10 minutes a day vacuuming to prevent hair and dander from accumulating. 

Carpet Odors Urine, feces, or vomit on your furniture or the floor doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole carpet for it to be clean again. If your dog has an accident inside, it’s important to eliminate the smell completely with a store-bought cleaner or try a homemade one.

Machine Washable Supplies When it comes to pet supplies like toys, leashes, beds, and other items your dog uses regularly, you should find options that are easy to clean and won’t hold onto odors or stains. Find options that are machine washable and are easy to wipe down.

If you ever have a need for cleaning or restoration give SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso at (915) 234-2679.

Let SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield Help You Keep Your Pipes from Bursting

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Your Pipes from Bursting

As we continue to list safety ideas for you to consider this coming winter, we have one today that carries a little more potential for costly damage due to the nature of when and where the disaster can occur. Frozen water pipes in your home can be a costly and damaging incident that can be prevented with some vigilance and preventative measures. Yes, even southern Louisiana winters carry the potential to wreak havoc in homes and commercial properties with frozen or burst pipes. So, let’s make sure you are as safe as possible this season by informing you of some well-known tips and tricks to keep your water flowing and your pipes safe and sound.

First, let’s talk about the what, how, and why of frozen pipes. As many of you know, when water freezes it expands. In cases of extreme cold, ice can expand to the point of breaking through or bursting your pipes that have water sitting in them.

Crawl spaces, attics, garages and similar places that are more exposed to the outside temperature without insulation are the most likely areas where pipe breakage will occur. So for these areas, it is important to drain the supply lines or remove the hoses that are commonly left in the cold. Swimming pools and water hoses are easy areas to begin the process. Speak to plumber about having insulation, or perhaps a pipe-sleeve, added to trouble areas. Keep the garage door closed if water supply lines are inside.

If you suspect a pipe is frozen but not broken, it is possible to thaw the pipe and resume regular use. An indicator that a pipe is frozen is water trickling from a faucet when it would normally flow fast and free. If you locate a section you believe to be frozen, apply a heating pad or hair dryer while keeping the faucet open. If the water begins to run after some time warming, you found the area!  If you can’t never try something you are not comfortable with. Call a plumber and have an expert do the work. You can also ask for quotes on proper insulation for your pipes so they don’t freeze again in the future.

If need any assistance, call SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield right away!

Have You Ever Wondered What is the Best Restoration Company in the El Paso Area?

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outside view of white house, engulfed in flames and smoke WHY SERVPRO Is Your Number One Option in El Paso during Fire Damage Restoration

Ever asked yourself WHY SERVPRO is a proven industry leader in fire damage restoration? To begin with, we use advanced technology and techniques when restoring your property to its original state. We adhere to the standards set by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). For instance, we may use infrared cameras to detect locations affected by the water that was used to extinguish the fire. Also, we can use hygrometers and moisture detectors to determine the level of moisture saturation in your Southeast El Paso/Butterfield home.
Strong odors can develop in your property after it experienced a fire damage event in Southeast El Paso/Butterfield. Our SERVPRO team uses appropriate equipment to remove the contaminants and improve the quality of air in the structure. Some of the devices that we use during deodorization and odor removal include thermal Foggers and air scrubbers. Spraying the air with a fragrant has never been a good way of dealing with the odors. Our team locates and removes the odor causing particles. Through thermal fogging, we dispense deodorizing agents that neutralize the smell causing particles.
We understand that restoration and cleaning situations require an immediate response, and that is why we are strategically located. We know that no disaster is too big or too small, so, we give every call the seriousness it deserves. By acting quickly, we increase the chances of salvaging most items and low the restoration costs.
Depending on the surfaces we are attending to and the soot particles in your property, our SERVPRO technicians may decide to use dry or wet cleaning methods. We never repaint surfaces as a way of dealing with the soot; we have to choose an appropriate cleaning procedure before we do the needed repainting. We have faced all fire damage incidents you can think of, that means we are competent enough to work for you.
SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield responds 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all commercial and residential cleaning and restoration needs. Call 915.234.2679 when you need help you can rely on after facing water, fire, storm, or mold damage.

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Why Choose SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield for Residential or Commercial Water Damage

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SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso / Butterfield knows that one of the risks that local residents deal with is water damage related to storms and disasters. While many of the homes in the area do their best to make sure preventative measures are in place, no precaution is ever foolproof.

Whether the flooding comes from a natural disaster, busted pipe, or leaking washing machine, it is crucial to act fast to prevent significant damage to your home’s structure, your home’s contents, and prevent the start of mold growth.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a 24/7/365 business. This means that our team of pros are available outside of normal business hours to be there for when you need us. Our technicians get trained in the highest standard of water damage restoration with the best equipment on the market to be able to make your home “Like it never even happened.” 

At SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield water damage mitigation is only a small piece of the puzzle. We also offer fire and mold damage control as well as state of the art cleaning. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 at (915) 234-2679 for any of your home or commercial property needs.

Why Customer Service is SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield's #1 Concern

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If you listed all the restoration companies in your area you would see many similarities. They all have a crew, vehicles, equipment, and technology, but what sets SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield apart is our great customer service!

SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield understands that when a customer calls us, their home or business is in trouble. Once we start a job we want all of our customers to feel confident in our services and team. 

No matter how big or small the job is, our team members will arrive on-time with confidence and explain the entire process to our customers and answer any questions they may have to ease the stress that was caused by fire, water, or mold. SERVPRO understands your time is valuable and every second matters when it comes to restoration. 

At SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, we also strive to be polite, compassionate and show care to both the issue at hand and your property. Asking permission is our number one way of ensuring we do not overstep in our client’s homes or places of business. Our team members are trained to never enter a room or touch items unless we have confirmation that we are allowed to do so. We want all clients to be able to trust our team while on their property. Once the job is complete we will leave your property "Like it never even happened."

To see the SERVPRO® difference call us at 915.234.2679 and if you have experienced our great customer service leave us a review here


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Mold spores photo with SERVPRO® logo Call El Paso/Butterfield to solve any of your Mold issues! (915)-234-2679

Are you wondering if you really have to worry if you can get mold in the winter?

Turning up the heater in the colder months will keep you cozy and warm. However, did you know that this very warmth also creates the perfect environment for a colony of mold? These infestations are both unsightly and unhealthy and can make life truly miserable for those who have allergies to these organisms. A mold colony can also spread quickly and secretly within your walls, compromising their strength and making your home or business unsafe. Mold and mildew, have recognizable differences. Mildew has a flat surface and will appear powdery. It begins growing with white coloration and will become yellow, brown, or black over time, while mold can be a wide range of colors and will have a fluffy appearance. The spores for both are everywhere, even in the air we breathe, and their risk increases when winter arrives since mold and mildew would much rather be where it’s warm when it’s cold outside (just like us).

Here are some tips for mold prevention this winter:

  • Mold and mildew feed on any organic material. Old food, the rug on your kitchen floor, or wooden cupboards - it’s all fair game for these organisms. Make sure surfaces are kept clean and dry and don’t allow food to sit out and become moist and warm.
  • Moisture condenses when it comes into contact with a colder area, so you will most likely see mold or mildew on tile grout, windowsills, and baseboards during the colder months. Taking care of leaks and areas that collect water right away will be a big help in keeping mold from becoming part of the family.
  • Once a colony establishes itself you can’t ever get rid of it completely. Once the moisture, warmth, and food it needs are reintroduced it will simply start to grow again.
  • Windows, exterior doorways, skylights, and indoor plumbing that are not properly sealed will produce conditions that are attractive to mold colonies. 
  • Keeping the air dry in kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms will be a big help when it comes to preventing mold this winter. Running these fans during times when the air is moist will do wonders. You can also use dehumidifiers in your home to prevent mold from establishing itself; follow the established recommendations for keeping your home at the proper level of humidity for this purpose. 

Rest assured you actually don’t have to worry about mold in the winter, if you take the proper steps to prevent it from colonizing.

If you have any concerns or suspect mold growth callEl Paso/Butterfield, and allow us to put your mind to ease and solve your issue. 

Say Goodbye To Funky Smells In Your Restaurant!

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Women holding her nose Call SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield to fight those odors! 915-234-2679

Does your El Paso restaurant smell like a bad recipe? Do you have customers come into your place and wrinkle their nose? Or they walk in and then leave without ordering anything. You know you’re in need of odor removal when customers suddenly lose their appetite when entering your restaurant. We know it’s not a pleasant topic, but it’s one we, at SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, have experience correcting! So, how can we help you with your odor problems? 

Here are some ways SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield will get your restaurant sweet-smelling once again:

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes you need a bit more than the everyday cleaning job your staff does. Just like we do deep cleaning a couple times a year in our homes, it is essential to have this done in our restaurants as well. Restaurants enjoy a thorough cleaning of the floors, drapes, blinds, carpeting, and upholstery. Food smells can become trapped El Paso has specialty cleaning services to ensure your restaurant gets deep cleaned.


Not only does your El Paso restaurant need a deep cleaning, but it needs an odor removal process using deodorization. Our staff is trained to discover what is causing the odors. This is an important first step in eliminating the odors. Once our staff knows where the smell is emanating from, then we can use the proper formula to remove it. We have several different deodorizing formulas created to get to the source of the bad smells. Odor removal is not just about hiding or covering up offending smells, but it’s essential to go to the root of the problem and neutralize it.

Inspect for mold

Mold is one thing that not only leaves a musty odor, but it has a negative impact on your health. That’s why it’s so important to determine if mold is the culprit and, if so, to begin action right away to combat it. We have tools and equipment that help us determine if there is a mold problem. It doesn’t take much for mold to develop and then spread. If you suspect mold, we will discover the source and work to isolate, then eliminate it.

At SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, we make cleaning and restoration our expertise. We train and educate our staff to combat stinky smells wherever they may be.