Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling Damage in Southeast El Paso

The homeowners of this Southeast El Paso home ran into a large problem when they came home to a large hole in their ceiling with debris all over the floor. Once... READ MORE

Removing Flooring from Living Room

The damage to hardwood flooring can vary, even in the same house depending on the amount and length of exposure to the water. The before photo illustrates our S... READ MORE

Closet Water Damage

When this homeowner had water leaking into their closet, they knew who to call. The water started to saturate the closet carpet but because of SERVPRO of Southe... READ MORE

Leaky Windows Cause Damage

In the before photo you can see a window that caused the living room of this house to be mitigated. A storm can leave your property damaged, and our team can he... READ MORE

Before and After in El Paso

In the before photo, you can see our technician Juan, removing carpet that was on top of tile flooring. Juan is certified in mold, fire, and water which makes h... READ MORE

Water Damaged Wood in El Paso

This homeowner was dealing with a water loss that affected their living room. As you can see in the before photo, our team came to find the wood flooring was co... READ MORE

Flooding in Clothing Store

This clothing store became completely flooded. This is the type of business where shoppers must come in person, so they couldn't afford to be closed for very lo... READ MORE

Demolition and Drying in Southeast El Paso

At SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, we take pride in our work. We take pride that we know how to handle many scenarios that arise in our community's ho... READ MORE

Living Room Carpet Removal

In the before photo you can see this client's living room that has carpet on the floor. In the after photo you can see that SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterf... READ MORE

Vinyl Floor Removal in El Paso

This Southeast El Paso home had a fire that damaged a huge portion of their home. In this photo you can see the master bedroom flooring that consisted of vinyl ... READ MORE