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Male SERVPRO employee cleaning mold damage

Mold Damage in El Paso, TX

Every mold infestation is different, from the amount of mold to the types of materials affected. Each scenario requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same.

  1. Emergency Contact 
  2. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
  3. Mold Containment
  4. Air Filtration
  5. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials
  6. Cleaning Contents and Belongings
  7. Restoration

This customer made the right choice by calling SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso for their mold removal. They were very happy with our services and left us the following review on our page. 

"Great service from this team ! Very professional! Got it done quickly!!! In this time of craziness and poor service, it’s good to see this!! Highly recommend."

Male SERVPRO employee removing drywall

Drywall Removal in EP, Texas

From small homes to large retail stores, we have you covered when it comes to commercial water damage. SERVPRO has the advanced equipment, specialized training, and experience to manage large commercial water damage emergencies. Our team will respond immediately to mitigate the damage and oversee the restoration project through to its end. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

SERVPRO employee in PPE cleaning up biohazard

Biohazard in El Paso Home

This home was dealing with a biohazard disaster in their bedroom and hallway. They knew who to call.

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy and dangerous environments. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations.

Bedroom left with trash and other debris

Trashed Apartment in El Paso

Did you know we can help in situations where unruly tenants leave a mess behind? This is only one portion of the mess left behind in an apartment. The landlord called in for us to come clean up the trash among other biohazards like feces, and urine. 

Tile floor covered in feces

Biohazard in El Paso

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso works with all types of biohazard cleanings. This particular cleaning involved a lot of cat feces in a home. Our team suited up in PPE and went in to remove all traces of the feces. 

Male SERVPRO employee removing carpet from floor

Carpet Removal in Southeast El Paso

Water losses whether they are natural or man-made don't need to be stressful! Call in the professionals at SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso to mitigate and restore your home back to its preloss condition. 

male SERVPRO employee wiping down mirror

Fire Wipe Down

Unfortunately larger-scale house or business fires tend to leave smoke and soot damage. Allow SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso to remove offensive odors from your property and remove any lasting soot damage!

two SERVPRO fans around hot water heater

A Common Occurrence

Hot water heaters are a huge issue we see home owners deal with. Make sure you are checking in on yours to make sure there are no leaks. Far too often we see hot water heaters cause extensive damage to homes.

Home gym in garage with garage door open and SERVPRO truck outside

Small Business Deals with Water Loss

This small business does personal training out of their garage. When their home gym was dealing with a water loss, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso was able to start the mitigation process right away to get them back on their way. We don't believe in shutting down business due to an unexpected disaster! 

male SERVPRO employee using a pressure washer outside of home on concrete

Fire Clean Up In El Paso

Had a fire? Have smoke and soot damage? No problem! SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso is the way to go when you have fire damage. We focus on restoring not replacing your property. Our technician here is working on removing damage to the outside of this homeowners property. 

Wall with drywall removed and mold covering part of the drywall

Mold Present in El Paso

More often than not when there's water damage, there is mold. When our technicians ripped out part of the drywall there was mold present that was not visible from the outside. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is your water and mold experts!

male SERVPRO employee removing part of ceiling

Ceiling Demo In El Paso

When there was water damage to this ceiling, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso came through to mitigate the damage. One of our technicians is shown here removing pieces of drywall to ensure the ceiling is properly dried and no mold can grow!

7 bags of black trash bags inside garage filled with debris

Debris Removal in Southeast El Paso

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso always removes the debris that was either damaged, or pulled up after a fire, water, storm, or mold loss. We know client's are already under a lot of stress and removing trash shouldn't be one of them!

3 dehumidifier and 1 air mover in bathroom foyer

Bathroom Water Loss in El Paso

When this bathroom suffered a water loss, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso came on site to mitigate. We strategically placed an air mover and dehumidifiers to dry up excess water before it could cause further damage.

Commercial Storm Damage Causing Outside Wall to be Missing From Building

Commercial Storm Damage

This business had their exterior wall ripped off during a storm. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield was on-site at this property to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. Time is money, and every second your business is not open you are losing money!

House ripped apart from hurricane

Residential Damage from Storm

After the storm, this homeowner came home to a wall completely ripped out of their house and half of their ceiling missing. Containing this area will be imperative to stopping water from entering the inside of the home when it rains again. If water enters the home, mold can begin to grow and spread. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield will contain the area and begin to mitigate and restore. 

under bathroom sink covered in mold

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is Prepared for Anything!

No matter how big or small the job is in your home or business, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield has the tools, expertise, and technicians to mitigate and restore your home right away. We completely understand how stressful any type of damage is and will do everything we can to make the process as painless as possible so you can get back to your normal routine. Call us at 915.234.2679 for any water, mold, fire or cleaning needs!

Insulation and tree on outside of house after storm

Debris after Hurricane Laura

This was the aftermath after Hurricane Laura for one homeowner. Insulation and trees needed to be removed from the property. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield was on-site helping with Hurricane relief.

Office with water damage spot on carpet

Office Building Water Damage in Southeast El Paso, TX

When a rainstorm hit Southeast El Paso hard, this office building had rainwater leak down the back steps and into four room entryways. The business owners called SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield to remove all the water and moisture from under the carpet and remove the water stains that were left. We swiftly dried up the water to prevent any mold growth!

Closeup of removed flooring with exposed studs

Down to the Studs in Southeast El Paso/Butterfield

Your home can suffer significant damage due to a fire. In this photo our technicians had to go down to the floor studs due to extensive fire damage.

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is a leader in the restoration industry and has IICRC certifications, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized training required to restore your home to pre-fire condition. 

Tree fell on house

Fallen Tree in Texas

This photo was taken in the process of a job where a tree fell down and landed on the roof of this home.

There was significant damage to the roof. When a roof is damaged water can easily get inside and consequently cause mold to grow. Along with the potential for water and mold, it weakens the structure of the roof which can cause it to collapse the longer it sits on the roof. 

SERVPRO technicians cleaning up debris

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians are not afraid to get down and dirty to ensure your property ends up in pristine condition!

In this photo you can see four crew members cleaning up ceiling debris after a fire that consequently caused water damage. 

Call our skilled crew if your El Paso home experiences a fire damage emergency. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. We're IICRC certified in fire restoration. 

boiler room being dried by fans

Boiler Problems Caused Residential Water Damage

Boilers are a common culprit to water damage in Southeast El Paso/Butterfield homes. Although each situation is different, SERVPRO knows exactly how to mitigate and restore your home if it also suffers water damage from a boiler. Our certified technicians will always be there immediately when you need us most. We understand how important it is not to let any water sit, as it can grow large amounts of mold very quickly. We will always make your home "Like it never even happened."

Spraying antimicrobial in home

Mold Prevention in Southeast El Paso

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield always goes the extra mile to protect your home. After this water damage job, we sprayed antimicrobial around the home to prevent any mold from forming and spreading. Going the extra mile lets our clients know they are in good hands!

Man cleaning up after biohazard job

Biohazard in Medical Office Addressed by SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield

SERVPRO was called in when this medical office had a biohazard job that needed professional attention.

We remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime or death. Our trained Professionals clean, disinfect and deodorize the structure.

furniture wrapped in plastic to protect it

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield Cares About Your Home

At SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield we understand your home's contents are important to you. We ensure all items that aren't being touched will be wrapped in plastic so they do not get ruined in the mitigation and restoration process. 

man spraying antimicrobial in bathroom

Spraying Antimicrobial to Prevent Mold in El Paso Home

At this job, a PVC line to the AC was leaking causing water to affect a closet, hallway, restroom, office area, and office closet. Once the water was dried, our team sprayed an antimicrobial to prevent the growth and spread of any mold that could have grown.

man wiping down desk for covid

COVID Cleaning in El Paso

Get Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

This business did when an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

We use a defensive cleaning program that goes beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning, it’s a higher standard of clean. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning system that helps ensure the cleanliness of your business.

High Moisture Reading for Water Loss

Moisture Reading in El Paso

This a device we use to detect the moisture levels in places that aren't visible to the eye. As you can see this home had a high moisture reading from a water loss they were dealing with. SERVPRO was able to mitigate and remove moisture from the home.

Damaged Walls from Broken Water Pipe

Busted Pipe in El Paso

When these homeowners realized a pipe had busted in their child's bedroom, they called us immediately to prevent further water and mold damage.

Always remember, if you don't fix the water leak first, it will continue to happen even after the wall has been fixed back up.

Bathroom in house

Odor Control in Southeast El Paso

A seemingly untouched bathroom suffered serious odor issues from a small house fire. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield was able to remove all signs of the house fire from every room in the house. The owners were thrilled to no longer have to smell smoke in every room!

Woman Standing Behind Pile of Donations

Giving Back to Hurricane Laura Victims

One of the many contributions to our community! With the help from amazing organizations and individuals we are able to provide:

1000 pulled pork meals
25 Boxes of chips
25 boxes of diapers
6 boxes of wipes
20 containers of baby formula
2 pallets of water
$500 of needed storm supplies

Mold Covering Residential Home Wall

Mold Infestation in Residential Home

Because of a leaking washing machine, this laundry room became covered in mold.

The homeowners contacted us right away and we began our inspection and mold damage assessment. Next we worked on containing the mold and air filtration. We removed all the mold and anything infested by the mold and these customers finally had a mold-free laundry room!

Basement of Hotel Flooded with Water

Hotel Flooding

This hotel in Texas was dealing with major water damage to their basement. When SERVPRO arrived on the scene there was still standing water in multiple rooms that needed to be dried immediately. Because they called us soon enough we were able to prevent any mold growth from happening in this building.

Man Wiping Down Mirrors in Commercial Building

Commercial Fire Cleanup

A warehouse fire broke out on this New Mexico property. SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield was instantly on the scene to start to remove the smoke and soot from the walls, as well as pack out any items that could be restored at our facility. We made this disaster "Like it never even happened."

Roof damage due to storm damage

Storm Damage in El Paso

The crew at SERVPRO of El Paso  is ready and prepared 24/7 to respond quickly to your storm damage emergency. Our storm damage specialists are highly trained and have the experience to handle any size disaster. SERVPRO® has the advanced equipment and expertise to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Equipment drying baseboards and room

Water Damage in El Paso Home

Water damage in this El Paso home left the carpeting in the pictured room saturated with moisture. The homeowner immediately decided to call a professional water damage cleanup company. This decisive decision would lead to a fast and efficient water extraction. The quicker the water is suctioned from the carpeting, the better the chance that the subflooring will not absorb too much moisture requiring direct drying.

exposed wood in a plastic barrier

Mold Remediation in Butterfield

SERVPRO® crew members are well trained in mold remediation. The plastic containment barrier in this Butterfield commercial building allows work to continue in unaffected offices. We can safely remove the contaminated materials, purify the air with a HEPA filtered air scrubber and spray an antifungal agent to complete our portion of the job. Our business is to keep your business running, even during a mold project.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage in El Paso

SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso & Butterfield is the team to depend on when dealing with a fire damage emergency. Our state-of-the-art equipment and specialized cleaning will restore your home to pre-damage condition. Our fire damage experts are highly trained, and IICRC certified to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Mold spores

Mold Damage in El Paso

When a mold infestation plagues your Metairie home, call us immediately! We will respond 24/7 to your mold damage emergency. SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso & Butterfield has the training, experience, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”